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Team Jonah's goal for 2018 is $20,000

Currently our team has raised $23,777.00

        About a year ago, our family received a Google Home as a gift. We mostly use it to enjoy music, but sometimes it is used as a source of information..."Hey Google...How tall is Mt. Everest? When was the Empire State Building built? What will the weather be like today?" Recently, Jonah walked into the kitchen and said, "Do you know how long the average life for someone with Cystic Fibrosis is? I just asked Google and it said 37 years." As I stood at the sink with a dirty pan in one hand and a soapy sponge in the other, my heart clenched in my chest. Of course, I knew this grim statistic. I also knew it wasn't the first time Jonah had heard it. Yet, it is not something we talk about much; it's not the sort of information I want to think about. He and I talked for a couple of minutes about how many people with CF live much longer than 37, how he has had the benefit of medications early in life that people with CF did not have in the past, how we have been so diligent over the years to keep him as healthy as possible, how some statistics now say the average is actually closer to 42 years. It wasn't a long conversation, and he didn't seem discouraged or overwhelmed as he went back upstairs to work on a Lego stop-motion movie. But I will tell you, that is a crummy conversation to have with your child. What is there to say that makes the reality of this disease better? Jonah has always had such an incredibly graceful acceptance of having CF. From a very young age, he has had such unwavering faith in Jesus, such trust in God's plan for his life. He has displayed wisdom and maturity far beyond his years. For this, I'm thankful. But I hate that my sweet son has to live with this awful disease. There are so many challenges that come with CF...60-90 minutes of breathing treatments and 13 different medications every day, not being able to eat anything without taking pills, daily sanitizing of medical equipment, constant prescription refills and insurance hassles, going to numerous doctors' appointments, enduring unpleasant tests and procedures, dealing with severe stomach cramps, having to be extra cautious of germs. All challenges, but really, those are the "easy" parts of dealing with CF. The "hard" parts are the harsh realities of what we are up against: the fact that CF is a progressive disease with no cure. That it will cause irreparable damage and destruction to Jonah's body as he gets older. That it is normal to expect that as years go by, his lung function will decline, and then decline more, and then more. That children still die of CF every year. That Jonah knows that the median age of survival for people with this disease is less than the age his dad is now.
        When a group of parents started the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in 1955, their objective was to advance understanding of this little-known disease, to develop new treatments and specialized care for their children, and ultimately to find a cure. Sadly, most of their children didn't live past five years old. Yet, their vision lives on as the CF Foundation has carried these goals forward and is working tirelessly to find lifesaving new therapies, and one day, a cure for all people living with this devastating disease. We are so thankful for the progress that has been made. Drugs and therapies have been developed to fight the effects of the disease and improve treatments and daily life for CF patients. There are even drugs showing promise to reverse the basic defect in certain types of CF gene mutations. This is all wonderful, but we hope you agree, it is not enough. The reality is that there are still children with CF who end up needing double lung transplants, teenagers with CF who die before they get to go to college, adults who can't foresee a long future ahead, people so affected by the disease they are unable to live normal lives.
        Every year the CF Foundation sponsors Great Strides walks throughout the country, bringing people together to raise money and awareness of CF. Because only 30,000 people in the United States have CF, there is little to no government funding for research, so the success of the walks is crucial. Since 2006, Team Jonah has raised over $292,000 for the CF Foundation!!! On Saturday, June 2nd, our team will be participating in the Long Beach Great Strides walk at El Dorado Park. We hope to raise another $20,000 this year. Will you help us meet our goal and find a cure for Jonah and the thousands of others who battle CF? On this website you can read more, watch our video, and get updates on our team's fundraising. To make a secure online donation, simply click on Donate Now! Or you can write a check payable to "Cystic Fibrosis Foundation" and mail it to "Team Jonah P.O. Box 2751, Cypress, CA 90630." We greatly appreciate any amount you can donate. All contributions are tax deductible and will be used to continue the CF Foundation's vital research and care programs. It would be a delight to have you walk with us as well. To register, visit and click on Join Our Team. We are so thankful for the many people who support us and are helping us work to change the meaning of the letters CF to Cure Found!

Rob, Marikka, Jonah, Javan and Ansley Ostermann

P.O. Box 2751
Cypress, CA 90630


Our Walkers

Rob, Marikka, Jonah, Javan, and Ansley
Andrew, Andrea, Sydney, and Hailey
Cub Scout Pack 667
Curt, Brenna, Brooklyn & Dylan
Jacobs Family
John and Karen Ostermann
Phillip and Kendall
Teresa Cisternino-Pierce & Family
The Butler Family
The Hansen Family
The Melvin Family
The Nelson Family
The Nevarez Family
The Ryan Family
The Wilderman Family
The Yanez Family

Upcoming Events

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Team Jonah 2015 raised $21,575

Team Jonah 2014 raised $22,000

Team Jonah 2013 raised $24,000

Team Jonah 2012 raised $22,000

Team Jonah Cycle for Life has raised $4,250

Team Jonah 2011 raised $26,200

Team Jonah 2010 raised $27,000

Team Jonah 2009 raised $26,300

Team Jonah 2008 raised $37,000

Team Jonah 2007 raised $33,300

Team Jonah 2006 raised $7,000

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